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Distribution services


Distribution services by acting on behalf of our clients to build bridges between providers and resellers of services, solutions and new products profitably.



Advisory services to senior management to generate business effectiveness of corporate sales & marketing strategy, processes, or operations by assessing business needs and reviewing business functions, plans and direction

Business development



Project business development management service to lead internal sales teams on a time defined assignement basis. Manage and lead end to end projects in accordance with Customer Business needs.


Coaching top performers & recruitment excellence


Provide HR coaching to reach excellence required to sustain our customers' competiveness. Recruit top performers to match the challenges of business changes and complexities.

Business and marketing modeling


Business and marketing models are successful if they adapt to changing realities and leverage from the best in class, blended with the management vision of the company.

Incentive organization / executive service



Energize customers and company teams through exceptional events in exceptional venues. Build commitment and reward performance. Commit time and resources to the focus business and delegate the burden of non business services to outside business services.

Environmental and social responsibilitysun

Compliance with environmental legislation and reducing environmental and social footprint is a major challenge for many companies. Embedding social and environmental concerns in its operations and core values gives a competitive edge to companies through enhancing brand reputation, optimizing energy and resource use and increasing productivity of its workforce.