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Motivational Change workshop

In the work place encourage and motivate change amongst people either resisting change or having the sentiment that they are subjected to change without their control. Learn to identify the different phases of changes and how in particular to act in each phase. Motivational change workshop can be conducted either on for an individual or for a group of people.

Monitoring and accompanying change

To ensure motivation and commitment to change, follow up briefings and maintenance sessions addressed to individuals or group that seek to avoid slipping backwards on the change path.

Developing skill sets

New skill sets are needed to efficiently cope with crisis and difficult situations.

Management and Human Resources

Crisis management aid: Help on crisis management situations through the development of tools to more easily manage different personality types, support to management in company crisis situations (headcount cuts etc.).

Provide tools for improved management of group situations

A detailed budget for your company can be established after preliminary discussions between you and one of the BICGS associates. However, to inform yourself beforehand on a range of available options, we would be happy to provide you with a catalogue of our service portfolio for Coaching top performers and recruitment excellence.

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